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Company's Payment Term Policy
The Company's policy is to pay vendors no earlier than 45 days from the invoice date unless the vendor provides an early pay discount or is an exception vendor. Exception vendors are defined as vendors that provide product under the PACA and PASA laws, utility vendors, tax jurisdiction vendors (i.e. income tax, property tax, cigarette tax, etc.) or vendors where the terms are listed in a written contract. If you believe the vendor is an exception vendor, please attach documentation to this form indicating such. If a vendor does not provide an early pay discount or is not an exception vendor, the terms for the vendor will be set up as N45. If you believe the Company's default payment terms of N45 should be overridden, please attach email approval to this form from the Vice President of Operations Finance for product vendors or the Vice President of Finance for service and supply vendors (non product).

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        Scott Herda/Minneapolis/NFC;Lori A Spencer/Minneapolis/NFC;Nou Vang/Minneapolis/NFC;Erik T Vegoe/Minneapolis/NFC



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